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Published on 5 May 2015 by 

Venezuela sends a humanitarian mission to NepalThe Venezuelan government sent a technical humanitarian mission to Nepal on Friday to determine the country’s needs after the 25 April earthquake and resulting aftershocks, which left over 7500 dead.

The mission is made up of a medical team, two forensic engineers, and three specialists who will conduct a 20 day evaluation concerning how the Venezuelan government may best meet Nepali needs. 

The 7.8 quake was the most devastating natural disaster afflicting the Himalayan nation in 80 years, leaving over 14,000 injured and hundreds of thousands without homes, according to official estimates. The death count continues to climb, reaching over 7500 on Tuesday morning.

Nepali Primer Minister Sushil Koirala said Saturday that the aid which has so far reached the country has been insufficient, and asked that efforts to help the country be accelerated.

But the Prime Minister’s plea has been called into question by a statement from the United Nations reporting that some aid groups have had trouble getting supplies into the country due to bureaucratic hurdles and arbitrary taxes.

Additionally, various petitions circulating the internet have accused the Nepali government of failing to mobilize the funds it has received. 

In a 2 May press release, the Venezuelan Vice-Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection outlined plans for an airplane with humanitarian aid, including food, medical supplies, and any other provisions the technical mission deems necessary, which will depart Caracas sometime next week. 

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez tweeted on Monday via @DrodriguezVen that her Nepali counterpart had, over the phone, expressed thanks to the Venezuelan people for their solidarity.