Tuesday, November 28, 2023 RATB Cuba 57

In December 2023 we will be sending our 15th solidarity brigade to Cuba. Young activists from Britain will spend two weeks meeting Cubans from all walks of life, visiting schools, hospitals, factories, community centres, farms; learning about Cuban socialism and holding exchanges with Cuban youth about the reality of living under capitalism in Britain, as millions face the severe consequences of the ‘cost of living crisis’ whilst Britain continues to fuel and engage in wars abroad.

We will also bring material aid to a paediatric hospital in Havana, to help Cuba alleviate the crisis it is facing under the crushing blockade, an act ever more precedent as the tightening of the blockade has left only a handful of banks willing to process transactions to Cuba, allow financial aid to be sent to the island or even process international transactions that have the word ‘Cuba’ in the reference. Please support our fundraising efforts in any way you can and make a donation.

The more we raise, the more material aid we can take with us! Over the years our brigades have coordinated with the Union of Young Communists in Cuba to assess the best forms of material aid to bring; this has included sports equipment, musical instruments, a sound system, ballet shoes, boxing gloves and more.

On our return we will host meetings, with brigadistas reporting back from their experiences, showing photos and film clips, and taking the lessons we can learn from Cuban socialism to the streets of Britain.

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Monday, October 02, 2023 RATB News 211

London Cuba Caravana

On the weekend of the 30th of September, activists from Rock Around the Blockade joined together with organisations from all across the world to stand in solidarity with socialist Cuba against the US blockade. This month the caravana coincided with Cuba taking up the chairing position on the G77 at the United Nations and President Miguel Diaz Canel's visit to New York City, where he met with activists from the People's Forum. To get involved with next month's Caravana, please get in touch.

Here are photos from around the country:

Thursday, September 28, 2023 RATB Cuba 822

Cuban Embassy in Washington DC

Statement from Rock Around the Blockade and the Revolutionary Communist Group.

We condemn the recent attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC. The incident occurred on 24 September, when an individual threw two Molotov cocktails at the embassy building. Fortunately, no personnel were hurt. The attack took place just a few hours after Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel returned from his trip to the United Nations in New York where he addressed the UN General Assembly.

Sunday, September 17, 2023 RATB Cuba 521

Highlights from the Unblock Cuba Rally in Govan, Glasgow 16/09/23


Thanks to everyone who joined us today to stand in solidarity with Cuba against the US Blockade and the British banks which illegally impose sanctions on Cuba, in violation of British laws.
We unveiled a massive Cuban flag outside Bank of Scotland as part of the international 1c4Cuba campaign, shedding light on the illegal compliance of British and European banks with US sanctions against Cuba.
Visit our website for more info, event updates and find out how you can donate to our solidarity brigade to Cuba this December, https://ratb.org.uk/about-us/brigades-to-cuba/brigade-2023 which will take cancer medicines to a children’s hospital in Havana.
Sept 17 Make a bank transfer to challenge British & European banks who are illegally blocking #Cuba! 🇨🇺Join #1c4Cuba campaign, Learn more: 1c4Cuba.eu #MejorSinBloqueo #EndTheEmbargo #LetCubaLive #OffTheList #CubaVsBloqueo #LiveBetter #ByeByeBlockade #UnBlockCuba






Wednesday, September 06, 2023 RATB News 288

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the zipwire - I am delighted to inform you we raised £520! The jump was scary but your donations gave me the courage to take the leap! The funds will be spent on medical equipment to take to the Central Havana paediatric hospital's emergency room this December. For more information about December's brigade to Cuba please follow our page

Brigade 2023 (ratb.org.uk)

cuba donations

Sunday, August 20, 2023 RATB News 792

Help us challenge the extraterritorial application of the US blockade against Cuba in Europe and Britain.

We need your assistance to gather evidence of how the US blockade has affected you as an individual or your organisation, particularly within the financial sector.

Have you had a bank transaction stopped? Humanitarian donations blocked? Bank account frozen or closed? If so, we need you to share your experiences with us.

We have a quick and easy form for you to complete to help us document instances of the US blockade impacting banking services outside of the United States.
tell the banks unblock cuba

FILL IN THE FORM HERE - https://bit.ly/1c4cuba-form

If you have yet to experience a transaction being blocked, join the 1 cent 4 Cuba campaign.*

Help us to gather evidence that shows the illegal imposition of US sanctions in violation of other national laws.

Tell the banks - UNBLOCK CUBA!
#1c4Cuba  #LetCubaLive #UnblockCuba

* The #1c4Cuba campaign was launched by a group of Cuba solidarity organisations in Britain, Europe and Canada in response to banks and financial institutions outside the United States placing Cuba on their list of sanctioned countries, for fear of US fines, despite this violating national legislation which makes this illegal. The international campaign combines street protests and publicity stunts and demanding consumer rights to pursue complaints to the highest level.

For more info see http://www.1c4cuba.eu Join the network, share the video and the information to your contacts

Friday, July 28, 2023 RATB News 375

ratb 26 july0

In London, Rock Around the Blockade and the RCG marked the 70th anniversary of the Moncada Barracks assault with celebration and protest. Cubans recognise this date as the beginning of the 26th July Movement and their Revolution.
Joining celebration with protest, we marched from the Cuban Embassy to occupy Metro Bank’s flagship branch, holding this bank to account for its part in the genocidal, 63 year US blockade.
We expressed unwavering solidarity with socialist Cuba and the example it set for building our working class movement today.
Our activists reiterated the demand that all banks cease actions delaying or blocking transactions involving or in solidarity with Cuba.
Support the 1c4Cuba campaign - make the US blockade of Cuba unenforceable!
ratb 26 july1 1
ratb 26 july1
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ratb 26 july2
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ratb 26 july10
Tuesday, July 25, 2023 RATB Cuba 729

cuba pharmaceutical industry

On 12 June the Chinese Drug Administration approved the use of Cuba’s drug Nimotuzumab for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The drug was developed by Cuba’s Centre for Molecular Immunology (CIM) and first approved for use in Cuba against nasopharyngeal cancers in 2002. It has since been approved for use against various types of cancer in numerous countries. Nimotuzumab is an antibody that targets a protein called ‘epidermal growth factor receptor’ (EGFR) on the surface of cells, which can cause uncontrolled cell division, the hallmark of cancer, if EGFR mutates.

Sunday, July 23, 2023 RATB Cuba 1112

Gay Pride Parade in Havana

As countries around the world roll back human rights for the LGBT+ community, socialist Cuba stands as a beacon of hope. It has enshrined the most progressive Family Code in the world in its own constitution and works tirelessly to fight reactionary sentiment towards LGBT+ people in its own country through the legal system and education.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 RATB International 766

Supporters of Rock Around The Blockade are attending the 2023 Summit of the Peoples taking place in Brussels, Belgium from 17-18 July. The Summit is happening to coincide with the summit between the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC) and the European Union. Many Cuba solidarity organisations and friends of Cuba will be attending the Summit of the Peoples to show their opposition to the US blockade of Cuba and promote friendship and solidarity between European people and Cubans.