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RATB - Cuba brigade - 17 Apr 2019

At our meeting yesterday at the National Centre for Sex Education we discussed the advancement of LGBT rights in Cuba and the debate around same sex marriage in the constitutional update.

Today we met with representatives from the Cuban Institute for Friendship of the peoples to learn about Cuban internationalism and solidarity with oppressed people around the world.

We also spoke to officials from the Women's Federation and learned of their work in defending and advancing the rights of women and girls in Cuban society.

Finally we met journalists from the Cuban news outlet Cubadebate to discuss press freedom and the ways we can counter the anti-Cuba and anti-Venezuela narratives pushed by the bourgeois media in Britain and the US.

bridage 17 04 2019 2
Visit to Cubadebate office

bridage 17 04 2019 1
Cuban National Center for Sex Education

bridage 18 04 2019 1
Federation of Cuban Women