Representatives from the RCG and RATB spoke at Havana's anti-imperialist conference this weekend. They talked about coordinating solidarity action internationally and presented our London-based campaing against ExxonMobil, which is attempting to sue Cuba under Title III of the Helms Burton Act.

IMG 20191103 WA0011

RCG & RATB representative speaking at the session 'Youth: strategies and continuity in struggles' alongside speakers from Syria, Venezuela, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cuba. Calls for coordinating action internationally were made and a resolution for more effective modes of communication between international anti-imperialists was passed to fight back against the media war.

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RCG & RATB representative talking about the Esso garage pickets, (Esso is ExxonMobil's trading name) making concrete proposals to picket any company suing Cuba under Title 3 and encouraging the youth to go onto the streets, being noisy.

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