The fight to free the Cuban 5 continues, and this heartfelt letter of thanks demonstrates the continued importance of building solidarity and raising awareness of the 5 prisoners of imperialism. The Cuban 5 were falsly tried! FREE THE CUBAN 5! For up to date news from the international campaign see

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November 28, 2012,
Dear Sam and friends at Rock around the Blockade
Thanks for your letter and your support.
We have completed 14 years of unjust imprisonment. If there is something that has given us strength, if there is something that has made us feel optimistic all the time, it is each and every letter that we have received from our friends from all over the world.
This year, 2012, has been a year of intense struggle for our freedom, on the legal plane, as well as with your multiple solidarity activities.
Our appreciation for each friend that has written to us and that has struggled without rest in order to return us home is deep and eternal.
It is painful for us to not have enough time, nor the best conditions, to answer your letter, full of encouragement and brotherhood, more quickly and personally.
I reiterate that we never forget you. You are in our hearts. Here, I’m sending a photo with my family, taken during a visit. On behalf of the Five, I wish you health, prosperity, love and a Happy New Year 2013!
Five big embraces,
Greeting to all our friends in the UK.
Antonio Guerrero.